Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has to be transshipped and stored temporarily several times from the production up to final destination at the customer site. In order to facilitate this process and to increase safety the FAS-loading arms are equipped with swivel joints and lifting cylinders for variable and vertically adjustable connection to a tank wagon or a road tanker. This technology provides a safe and environmentally friendly loading and off-loading of LPG.


The FAS-Loading Technology is available for following executions:

  • LPG Loading Arm Station type FAS-G7 with one product arm (DN50 or DN80)
  • LPG Loading Arm Station type FAS-G4 with two product arms (DN50 or DN80)
  • LPG Loading Arm Station type FAS-G5 with two product arms (DN50 and DN80)
  • LPG Loading Arm Station type FAS-G6 with three product arms (each DN50 and DN80 as well as optionally DN50 or DN80)
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