The FAS compressors for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are used for transhipment of product deliveries e.g. in tank farms as well as on-road tankers and for extraction out of the storage tanks at the site so that afterwards the tanks may be opened or transported. Depending on compressor model the displacement varies between 3,4 and 704 m3 per hour. The working range is max. 31 bar.

FAS compressors are available for following executions:

  • Single compressor, e.g. for installation in a road tanker
  • Stationary compressor unit with electric motor or Diesel engine
  • Mobile compressor unit with electric motor or Diesel engine mounted on a trailer
  • Complete compressor stations including piping, control and monitoring unit
  • As an option, each model is available with double piston rod seals as well as with
  • “vibration certificate” for executions from 100 m³/hr onwards.
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